Stuck in Customs, a beautiful travel photography blog

I have wanted to share this website for a while. I've been following Trey's posts for nearly two years now and it is one of my favorite photography blogs. In fact, it is now the most visited travel photography blog on the web!

Trey Ratcliff's blog, stuckincustoms, is an amazing collection of shots taken from all around the world. His photographies are mostly HDR (High Dynamic Range) of landscapes, skylines, architecture, every day sceneries and portraits.

He is quite active as he posts a new picture nearly every day. For those stuck in the office like me, it is always a pleasure to have a 2 minute break and check out his last picture.

If you are interested in doing HDR rendering to your photographs to give this sort of beautiful painting effect, then you will love the tutorials Trey has come up with. They are very detailed and will help you come up with some nice pictures of your own. I just read today that his 216 page photography book entitled “A World in HDR” is now ready and can be purchased on his website.

Hope you like it!

Enjoy his website @ stuckincustoms
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