Scary Ideas - Advertising archive is a website that gathers and archives both videos and prints from the international advertising industry.

As the title suggests it, most of the ads you find there come from "scary" ideas. Well, not really scary but different and out of the ordinary. You will find hilarious ones as well as meaningless ones.

Next to each post is a detailed information brief that usually includes the country and advertising agency name. It's a good website if you want to see how creative some people can be and if you want a daily dose of fun and inspiration. Posts are added on a daily basis and you can stay posted thanks to their RSS feed and/or twitter account.

If you like out of the box thinking, then go have a look at their website! Scary Ideas

Below is a video that I just watched and still don't really understand the whole plot! Try to guess what the ad is for before the advertising message comes up at the end! Anyway, enjoy or not!

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