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Twitter has been a revolution in many aspects. Not just a new mean of communication between friends, it is also a way to follow influential individuals or companies and stay up to date with industry news. As I've written in a past article, Twitter has somehow replaced RSS feeds in many ways for many people. One of these ways is to stay up to date with job opportunities matching your criteria of search. With the release of Twitter lists, people organise their contacts in different groups and online recruiters have widely benefited from this update.

Desktop clients such as Seesmic desktop or Tweetdeck let you organise the different feeds of updates from Twitter and Facebook in one single user friendly interface. However, there is a new player on the market, and it is called DASH. In this battle for status updates, it seems like Linkedin has stepped in a couple months ago letting everyone post a status easily to all of its professional network, including an option to "tweet" it. With DASH, you can easily stay up to date with all job related statuses on both Linkedin and Twitter. Using Adobe Air technology as well as the Linkedin API, DASH ressembles other Twitter desktop clients but focuses on career opportunities. You can use it to follow industry related news, recruiter twitter accounts, as well as a real-time Twitter job search (with filters). If you are looking for a job, especially in the digital industry, then you should definitely give it a try!

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Geico.com Caveman commercials

Geico, a US car insurance company, has been airing TV commercials since 2004 featuring cavemen. Not living in the United States, I had never seen them before. They have a whole bunch of these ads running but quite frankly, not all of them are funny.
I will still include a short compilation of several of these ads below, just for those of you who have never seen them before. This video made my day!

Apparently, these TV commercials had a big success, at first. In 2007, ABC decided to produce and air a short TV sitcom featuring the cavemen but the bad ratings led the channel to discreetly cancel the show. The next series of commercials apparently focused on spoofing the unsuccessful TV series! Interesting way to bounce back after a flop...

Wikipedia article about the Geico Cavemen
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