Is Twitter killing RSS feeds?

rss or twitterThis is a question I have been asking myself for quite a while now:
With Twitter becoming a major way of sharing content and becoming one of the main tools to drive traffic to your website, are RSS feeds meant to disappear?

I have been using RSS feeds for years, maybe even for a decade now. I've always loved it, for its simplicity of use and for staying in touch/up to date with many websites. I have used it for news, for blog updates, ranging from SEO/SEM to photography or entertainment. I know many people are big fans of Google Reader, but I have always used Netvibes especially for its large collection of widgets and tab browsing. In fact, Netvibes has been my default browser homepage for years.

However, since I have been using Twitter, I barely look at my RSS feeds anymore. I log in Netvibes perhaps once a week and that's it. Most websites whose RSS feed I used to be a subscriber of, now offer a parallel Twitter account to follow.
And for this exact reason, what's the point of following the same content on two different feeds?

I will still keep my RSS subscriptions though, for the simple reason that it makes it easier for me to know what has been read already... or not. In Twitter, as soon as you start following a good number of people, the feed quickly becomes messy, over populated or even over polluted.
So yes, applications such as Tweetdeck or Seesmic Desktop let you organise your Twitter feeds into different groups such as News or Sports but if you haven't been online for a couple days, it's very hard to check what's been shared in the last 48 hours, and that you haven't read yet.

With other services such as RSStoTwitter or Twitterfeed helping you automate your Twitter posting using your RSS feed, it seems like we are currently witnessing a transition from one communication tool to another. In 2009, real-time search and communication has become a major innovation in the online world, Twitter and smartphones being the main reasons of this change.

I am aware everyone has different ways of using Internet so don't hesitate to let me know what yours is!
  • Do you think Twitter is a RSS killer?
  • Which of those two do you follow the most closely: your number of RSS subscribers or Twitter followers?
  • Do you believe both RSS and Twitter can live side by side?
  • Which one is currently driving the most traffic to your website: RSS feed or Twitter?
Thanks for sharing your impressions!

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