Some of my favorite TV ads - Part 1

Here's a selection of some of my favorite TV ads, regardless of how old they are. You've probably seen most of these videos before but it's always a pleasure to watch some of them again, especially if you've got some time to kill on your rainy Sunday afternoon...

Charal (French meat brand)

Discovery Channel




Bud light


Fox Sports

Soesman language training

Zazoo condoms

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1 great comments!:

Bruce Hershey said...

Very entertaining commercials! The gorilla commercial for Cadbury is also my favorite. I like the unique concepts in the commercials that you posted. It is an unconventional way of attracting a large audience share. It's apparent in the commercials that video production companies (Vancouver and other parts of the world) are attempting to set their brand apart from their competitors. The edge of a video production company (Toronto and other places) is in its ability to hold the audience entertained for a long time. Bizarre yet entertaining concepts are welcomed since the unusual tickles the mind the most. Thanks!

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