The Hyde Tube, or how to sell your video

The Hyde Tube is a great place to spend some quality time. The name, of course, reminds us of Youtube and this is for the simple reason that it gathers a great collection of short movies, artistic clips, viral videos or just advertisements.

The concept is interesting: Film makers which are mostly amateurs, submit their videos as an idea, project or concept to the site. Then one of the film directors from the Mr. Hyde agency reviews it and if interested, goes further in developing the project.
This is what describes the concept on the website: "The commercials you will discover have all been directed by directors who had never made commercials before. You will note quality is present. Our directors are not beginners, they have all made one or more very good short film.
With the advice of Hervé Lopez, former Art Director at TBWA Paris, they are able to adapt rapidly to commissionned work."
There is also a user guide for both the directors and the clients on the website for further information. The agency is present in Paris, London and New York.

The videos are all viewable (for free of course) here.
You can also learn more about the Mr. Hyde agency on their website.

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