Great animation videos from Tomek Baginski

Tomek Bagiński is a Polish artist and animator who has produced several beautiful computer generated videos. Several years ago, I have discovered his work through his award winning short film Fallen art and Oscar nominated short movie The Cathedral. This last video had struck me by its quality (don't forget it was made in 2002!).
He has also worked on the game cinematics of The Witcher which according to my previous flatmate (Polish as well!), is great in terms of graphics. You can view the two short films below, as well as a 3rd one entitled Undo made by Marcin Wasko. The two artists may have worked together on previous projects but my inexistant skills in Polish made it impossible for me to understand their biography and past work so I apologise if I misinformed you!

Fallen art (2004)

The Cathedral (2002)

by Marcin Wasko

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