Coca Cola and The Open Happiness factory

Coca Cola has been known for their original ads. Everyone remembers their TV ad ressembling the famous and successful video game GTA (you can view this ad at the very bottom of this article). The soda company had already started advertising on the theme of happiness via this video and has now made it its global code line.

After announcing the Happiness Factory movie coming soon, Coca Cola has launch a series of ads around the world as well as music videos meant to become summer hits in Western Europe and the USA. With the help of several artists such as Cee-lo Green, Brendon Urie (from Panic at the Disco), Patrick Stump (from Fall out boys) among others, this Open Happiness Project is meant to be a hit.

I like some of these ads but not the Open Happiness Project music video.
What do you think?

Coca Cola - Yeah yeah yeah

Some Open Happiness ad

Open Happiness Project (music video)
the one I don't like

GTA-like Coca Cola ad

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