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grooveshark online streaming musicInternet radios and online music libraries have been at the center of my interests in the recent years. I have been using many services such as Pandora,, We are Hunted and the French Deezer just to name a few. All with libraries containing millions of tracks, it is easy to find the streaming music you like and create your favorite playlists that you can listen to over and over again... Earlier this year, Spotify (which I sadly can't access from Australia yet) and moof have made a lot of buzz as the new trendy online radios.

However, I came across a new site several weeks ago called Grooveshark. Since then, I haven't been using any other online music streaming site. Their library of over 15 million songs gives you a wide variety of artists and styles to listen to. Although their service is probably not as complete as others (no smart radio per gender for example), I still find it to be one of the most easy to use and fastest ones out there. Moreover, building playlists has never been that simple with an easy drag and drop. Deezer already had this function but their site is rather slow. Then again, I'm talking from Australia, I know it is very fluid in France.

Another tool they offer are the widgets. They've set up an easy and very customisable way to display your playlists or one-off songs on your own site or blog. Below are two examples of what you can do with it.

Like several others, you will soon be able to download a Grooveshark app on the Android market (and probably on the iPhone too) as they've announced it on Twitter.

Two examples of widgets you can add to your site/blog.

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