Skittles TV Commercials - How Bizarre!

Skittles commercialI have always enjoyed television advertising for various reasons. Its creativity, humor and sometimes artistic touch make it a good source of entertainement and very often more enjoyable than the lame shows broadcasted today.

Earlier tonight, the new Skittles ad came up on television and I can't hide the fact that it made me laugh! Yes, I do appreciate ads that stand out of those numerous washing powder commercials. In fact, they remind me of the Cadbury ones (view them here) by their originality and most of all "weirdness". Skittles is reknown for its B-I-Z-A-R-R-E tv ads and I thought I would give you a little compilation.

I understand these won't appeal to most of the TV audience, but they're definitely trying to differentiate themselves and they get my credit for that.

How about you? Is this, in your opinion, a good advertising strategy?
Do you rather hate these ads or love them? Don't hesitate to comment below!

Catch the Rainbow (new)

Share the Rainbow

Touch the rainbow

Chocolate the Rainbow

Treasure the Rainbow

Believe the Rainbow

Sour the Rainbow

Grow the Rainbow

Tame the Rainbow (Russia)

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2 great comments!:

Bruce said...
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Bruce said...

My vote is on hilarious! Skittles definitely made a mark on these set of commercials. The concepts might be bizarre but I guess that was its Unique selling Proposition. The fact that its different makes it easy to remember by an average viewer.

Today, there are a lot of interesting commercials. Calgary and other parts of the world come up with creative scripts everyday. No wonder everyone is hooked with commercials (Vancouver and other places). They're short yet truly entertaining!

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