Google and its Automatic Search Query Suggestions!

google australia logoRecently, Google has added a new tool on their search engine. From now on, automatic suggestions will show when someone is typing a query in the search box. Although I suppose this could help some people with their spelling skills, I think its main use is simply to have a good laugh! Have a look at some queries below that are quite unexpected! Try it yourself, you'll have a blast!

Personally, I love Twitter but not everyone will agree with me!

Yes, Australia is very supportive!

520,000 results for this?!

Is that even legal in some countries?

They definitely need to improve their online branding!

Now that's freaky... Urban legend?

Perhaps eating frogs makes us skinny?

No one will admit they spend an average of 2 hours a day on FB.

I think the definition of "friend" should be reviewed!

No comment!

Yep, that confirms it!

I like the last one

Want to make hash while making sushi or planting a bomb, just google it.

Many families seem to be struggling!

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Hadrien Brassens said...

I forgot to mention that this feature was already available on Yahoo! and the results are also quite interesting ;)

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