Tilt-shift Photography: Two beautiful videos!

Something that has always surprised me with photography is that although the basics remain the pretty much the same, new techniques appear regularly to give new artistic effects to your work. The development, affordability and availability of digital cameras have made it easier for everyone to use these techniques, some of which actually appeared long ago. This is the case of tilt-shift photography, or how to focus on a particular area of the photography and shifting (or blurring) the rest of the picture to give this miniature appearance to objects.

If you still don't really know what I'm talking about, I suggest you watch the two following videos. I have chosen both of them because they correspond to two cities I know very well: Sydney and Paris.
You can also read more on the wikipedia article or on this tilt-shift tutorial.

Watch other videos from Keith Loutit

Watch other videos from Alta Media Productions

I've also added a video of the Bastille Day fireworks in the Parisian Eiffel Tower made using the same tilt-shift technique. Over 6,000 photographs were taken over a 30mn period during which the fireworks took place. Watch the video here.

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