Fontcapture - Your own handwriting as a font!

Enough of the old outdated fonts such as Comic Sans MS! In fact, enough of pre-formatted fonts that come in the Microsoft Office pack! Downloading new fonts to further customize your paperwork, slideshows or website is an old trick. Sites such as 1001fonts or Urban Fonts offer a (very) wide choice of fonts, ranging from professional ones to free ones.

However, creating your own font was for a while only reserved to designers. Not that it was difficult, but the vast majority of people just couldn't be bothered!

Well now, there is a very simple way to create your own font. And what's more customizable than creating a font from your very own handwriting? now offers this very useful and easy-to-use service in 3 steps! Basically, all you need is a printer and scanner:
  1. Download their PDF table
  2. Fill it in (see screenshot)
  3. Scan it and upload it
  4. Download your brand new customized font!

There you go, I hope this will let you design some great fonts! Don't hesitate to share some of your designs below! You can download mine here :)

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