Why does the world want to destroy Paris?!

Not long ago, I was having a look at the latest video games in one of the EB Games stores in Sydney. That's when I realized there were so many games out there with the symbolic Eiffel Tower being blown up on the box cover. I am French and more precisely from Paris so it wasn't hard for me to notice!
More recently, I watched the trailer of the new Gi Joe movie meant to come out soon in cinemas. There, the Eiffel Tower was the target of some sort of missile filled with weird green toxic gas which unsurprisingly ended up destroying the tower. After further research, I found several games and movies which show very similar images of destruction in Paris.
Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in NYC, I know American movie and game studios wouldn't dare putting some other American monument getting blown up on those images... BUT WHY PARIS?! Why my home! It seems like this is quite recurrent. I don't know the reasons behind this. I mean, our cheese definitely smells good, we don't smoke and half the country is already on riot so one building less wouldn't make a difference? hehe
I don't really believe in conspiracies but really, they're making it almost too obvious!
I couldn't remember the names of the other games I saw with similar covers so if some of you know of, please comment and I'll add them to this article.

Tom Clancy's EndWar Poster

Tom Clancy's EndWar screenshot

Tom Clancy's EndWar Game cover

Resistance: Retribution Game cover 1

Resistance: Retribution Game cover 2

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Trailer (55th second)

Gi Joe: Rise of the Cobra Trailer (from the 35th second)

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7 great comments!:

Jason Fist said...

Hi Hadrien,

it's Jason from Great Apartment Paris.

Our posts are indeed similar! Poor Paris eh?

And that G.I. Joe movie looks crap!

Bernardo said...

I'm going there on Tuesday, I hope it won't be that busy there.

Hadrien said...

hehe should be fine.
Plus, everyone goes on holidays during August. Apart from tourists, it shouldn't be too crowded!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering this very same thing not long ago. Moviemakers also seem to have a hard-on for wrecking San Francisco (my town) lately. See: "X-Men 3", "Monsters vs Aliens", "Star Trek", "Terminator Salvation", and, even "Mega Shark vs Giant Octoups", and that's only a partial list.

I guess a lot of it had to do with recognizability; both cities are ones you can identify in just a few seconds. Still, they're my two favorite cities in the world, I can't help but feel a little persecuted here.

Anonymous said...

well.....I have to admit, now that you mention it, Paris does seem to be getting blown up in a lot of games and stuff recently. But, you also said that after 9/11 or something, Americans wouldn't dare put a national monument getting blown up. Not entirely true. "world in Conflict" has a cover where the Statue of Liberty is engulfed in flames, and the game "Turning point: fall of liberty" trailer features the nazis blowing up statue of liberty. maybe Paris is just a fad and people'll move on to another country

Hadrien Brassens said...

That's true, Paris might be just a fad, or at least I hope it is! :) I wouldn't be surprised if new symbolic buildings such as the Burj Dubai will be chosen in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Well the Burj Khalifa has recently been destroyed for it's first time in the Spec Ops: The Line video game... actually forget what I just said all of Dubai was destroyed.

Also Mission Impossible 4 is having a scene in Dubai where there is some sort of battle on the Burj Khalifa. Dubai seems to be picking up the Hollywood bloodthirstily now lol.

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