FREE SEO e-Book!

If anyone of you is interested in learning more about Search Engine Optimisation, then you should definitely have a look at the following book.

This book, entitled SEO Secrets, is the work of Glenn Murray, a SEO Copywriter from Australia.

Although some parts of it might seem like basic knowledge to some of you, it also goes into more details and reviews all the different aspects of search engine optimisation.

This 213 pages ebook discusses in clear words:
  • what SEO is
  • what are the different methods of optimising your site or blog in order to increase its page rank in search engines
  • what are the do's and dont's of search engine optimisation
  • how to optimise the content of your blog/site
  • how to use social media
  • how to monitor your progress... etc

Read more about this great book or buy the printed version at Divine Write. You can also download the PDF version found on Divine Write.

{Post edit: The PDF version is not available anymore. However, I still recommend you buy the printed version.}

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2 great comments!:

Rob Stelaar said...

too bad i've missed the free version. seems like a good book, will have a closer look. cheers

Princess said...

I feel so sorry because I didn't get the free version of the book..I really really want to learn more techniques about SEO..

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