Bored on a Saturday night? Try Youtube movies and Vuze HD

YouTube movies
With 250,000 videos uploaded every day and around 100,000,000 videos in total, YouTube is by far the largest video hosting/sharing website.

There is so much user generated content that it is very easy to quickly find yourself lost and watching the proper content to entertain you.

If you are spending some time at home and feeling a bit bored, if there is nothing interesting to watch on TV or simply want to watch a video but don't really know what, well there is a special page on Youtube that might be of your interest.

This page, located at offers many videos from short movies to animations, documentaries, full length movies and so on. The content is divided in different categories to make it easier to browse and find something that you will like. Don't stay home in the dark with your arms crossed and go have a look :) YouTube movies

Vuze HD Network
Vuze, formerly known as the peer 2 peer giant Azureus is great sharing platform. Although you can still use it to download torrents (movies, music, games, programs, etc...) illegally, they also offer a wide selection of documentaries, trailers, videos and also full length movies, most of which are in high definition (HD).

The download speed will obviously depend on your Internet connection but is still very fast (many people share this legal content too). Each video has a built-in rating/comment system so you can easily review a video before actually downloading it.
The main difference with YouTube is that you do not access the content via their website but need to go through their program. It doesn't take much space on your computer and is easily removable so don't hesitate to give it a try!

The HD network is available either on their website or via their program (downloadable here) and you can download the videos you like in just one click.
If a channel has interesting content, you can also subscribe to it via their internal RSS like option.

It's all free and you don't need to subscribe anywhere! So enjoy!

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